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I was born in 1976, the year of dragon in Taiwan.

The Pacific Ocean opened my first memories.

After several years in Eastern Taiwan, we moved to the West, then from south to north.

I studied Arts and Crafts Education at National Taipei University of Education.

After one and a half year as an elementary school teacher, I quitted my job and became a copywriter,

until the waves in my body pushed me to the other side of the world.

I moved to Amsterdam when I was 34 years old and began a dream I always wanted to do but never tried.

I walked along the canals, from the old houses with reflections in the water I made my 'Amsterdam Dream' with Chinese calligraphy technique, and sold my small works on Rembrandt square. 

Then came some difficulty in my life. I read a lot of wise words of Dao during that period.

Old Chinese philosophy comforted my heart and also influenced my work after. 

In 2016 I gave an exhibition 'Follow the Light' in gallery K.I.S. with some paintings and hand painted lanterns. Gallery founder Jan had a vision in the potential of design in LED lamps.

With his help, I made my first LED lamp serie 'Light Light' from the ruins of my lanterns. 

I love to make something from nothing, and give materials a second life.

The movements of natural elements are always the muses of my creations.

Art lights up my life, and I am making my life into my most beautiful art. 

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