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Lolo is a given name that means free man. Long means dragon in Chinese.
A dragon flies in infinite spacetime, that's LoLoLong. 

The Changes of Life

I was born in 1976 in Taiwan. The pacific ocean opened my first memories. The wild beauty and the rhythm of nature made me realize I was only a small animal in this big world. After several years in east Taiwan, we moved to the west, then from south to north. I changed my schools almost every year. When my family finally stopped moving, the waves in my body still continued. I started my own journey by changing my jobs and house rentals around Taiwan.

I studied Arts and Crafts Education at National Taipei University of Education. After one year as a teacher in an elementary school, I decided to do something I was good at. I became a copywriter in an advertising company, until the waves in my body pushed me to somewhere much further away, to the other side of the world.

I quitted my job again and went to Ibiza, searching for the hippy culture that already disappeared on the island. Finally, I found a hippy standing alone in the beginning of 21 century, that was me, myself. Then I wrote a book 'Island, Hippy and Marijuana field' about my adventure, and went back to work.

A reader Wu called my publisher. She told them that all the things I searched I could find by her. I called her back and we became close friends. According to Wu, she planned to go to Ibiza on the same day with me, but for some reason, she stopped. In a kind of way I continued her journey. There should be some connections between us. With her support I went to Ibiza again, then from Ibiza to Amsterdam.


In Amsterdam, I met her friend Fox, my male dragon. After seven years, when I visited Amsterdam again, we fell in love and then decided to live together.

The Dao of Art

I moved to Amsterdam when I was 34 years old. I knew that I couldn't find a job as a copywriter here, so I reinvented myself. I began a dream I always wanted to do but never tried. This time I could finally create for myself, not for a company. I walked along the canals in Amsterdam, from the old houses with reflections in the water I made my 'Amsterdam Dream' with Chinese calligraphy technique, and sold my small art works on Rembrandt square.


Then came some difficulty in my life. I read a lot of wise words of Dao during that period. Old Chinese philosophy comforted my heart and also influenced my work after. The Dao is the way of nature. The Dao of art means when you do something, do it smoothly and perfectly. Concentrate on the moment, when time stops, let your soul take control of your mind and body. I am learning the Dao from art, and trying to put this passion into everything I am doing. 


In 2016 I gave an exhibition 'Follow the Light' in gallery K.I.S. .Thanks to Mickey and Jan allowed me to put my paintings and hand painted Chinese lanterns in such an authentic and historical place. Jan had a great vision in the potential of design in LED lamps. With his help, I made my first LED lamp serie 'Floating Paper' from the ruins of my Chinese lanterns.

Sadly, after one year, gallery K.I.S. was closed its doors. K.I.S is not here any more, but my passion for light continued.   

the Light of Dao 

I am very lucky to find someone who has the same passion as me. For an eastern look in the bedroom, Fox and I visited a bamboo shop in Beverwijk. Between thousands of bamboo sticks in the shop was a box with some rest materials. A very nice worker there said that we can choose some and just take them. 

I fell in love with bamboo in the very beginning. I love its shape, color, smell, touch, and spirit. Bamboo is hollow, so it can get more sunshine, water and air, all of these make it grow up very fast. Bamboo is straight, but also has a lot of flexibility. It is always green no matter in which season. It is my great Dao master.  

I studied and felt the bamboo with my heart, followed its natural shape, sketched my dream on it, then I stopped. What should I do to make my dream come true? Fox suggested maybe I can use a multi tool like Dremel to cut and sand it.

We bought a Dremel. With great passion I fought for my dream. Then the dremel died. I have broken three dremels in one month before I finally knew how to link it to my hand, mind and soul.       

I love to make something from nothing, and give materials a second life. The movements of natural elements are always the muses of my creations.


Art lights up my life, and I am making my life into my most beautiful art.